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Jul 8th, 2011


I awoke after what felt like a lifetime of travelling; a voyage across the English Channel followed by a long drive through the French countryside.  Whilst others might have embraced this journey, I was unequivocally counting down the minutes until we touched Parisian soil.


This was a trip of celebration. A very talented friend of mine, Leon Diaper, was having his first solo photography exhibition, “A Lost Youth”, showcasing a selection of his prints from an oeuvre of work that explored themes from freedom and fleeting youth to motels and adventures with his friends, often through the kaleidoscope of America.


Luckily for me, I also had a date with Harald Lunde Helgesen, a good friend who happens to be a burgeoning menswear designer. Harald’s development can be seen when contrasting his first collection, “BC Vision”, a look at ancient Mesopotamian digs, with his more recent “The Crystal  Farmers”, a story of the dangerous risks that miners have to take to reach the crystal walls.


In the afternoon we viewed his current collection “Palimpsests”, which explores the concept of ancient manuscripts that have been wiped clean, making space for new text to written. The excitement continued with a show involving a man and woman engaged in abstract collaborative dance, draped head to toe in Harald’s garments; a truly magnificent sight and one befitting a city with such high artistic expectations.


As the evening drew to a close we sat in a Parisian alley way on an old couch, surrounded by a selection of fashion’s finest, drinking from a big bowl of home-made punch.


Cheers Paris!


‘A Lost Youth’ is at the Galerie Maxence Maibois until the 30th of July.



HLH: Crystal Farmers, a short film by Jason Bradbury and Harald Lunde Helgesen.

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