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Jan 11th, 2012




The music of 2012 seems already to be dominated by the same names cropping up in everyone’s predictions for the year and even though we’re still in January I find this all very scary – mostly because I’d never heard of them before. Our 2012 list is split between new acts we’re excited about and the returning pop stars poised to capture our hearts again. So this is our new year, made of new stars and new starts.

– Azealia Banks


Even though the choice to include Azealia Banks may seem obvious – she came top of the NME cool list and third in the 2012 BBC Sound Poll -it would be denying her popularity and potential to exclude her from any list for 2012. Hailing from Harlem, the track that has got everyone talking about her is the filthy and exciting 212. But if the rapidly changing beat leaves you feeling a bit disorientated, she’s also featured on the Scissor’s Sisters brilliant new track Shady Love.



– New Look


New Look is a husband and wife duo who make futuristic pop songs. (I know it sounds pretentious, but stay with me)

They practice floaty and restrained icy pop rather than dizzy and wild ultra-disco. Ultimately, they’re very nice to relax and float around to and a little bit like if Slow Club went through a James Blake filter and then went and lived in an ice palace.



– Little Boots


You’ll remember Little Boots, she won the BBC Sound Poll in 2009, a shortlist which also included Lady Gaga, La Roux and Florence & the Machine. That year she released her brilliant electro pop debut album, Hands which spawned mega-hit Remedy. After being away for close to two years she is to release her follow up album in 2012. But what has really got us eagerly anticipating her full return is at the end of last year Little Boots released Shake, a confident readdressing of her pop-positioning. Rather than the melody-heavy songs of her previous incarnation she appears to be moving in a direction which is a bit more sparse, direct and exciting.



       Diana Vickers


–       Although there are no confirmed plans for Diana’s next album, our blonde haired princess has showcased two songs so far which show that she has stuck to synth-kissed pop songs about toxically beautiful boys which made her debut album so brilliant.  My favourite – and soon to be yours too – is the constantly-on-loop-in-my-head Kiss of a Bullet which keeps with Diana’s hallmark dreamy lyrics but with a glittery electro beat. Both tracks are brilliant and exciting, made by a pop-star who deserves more attention in 2012.




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