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Sophia Rogge Q&A

Feb 10th, 2012



Artist and designer Sophia Rogge talks to Rookie Creative about sand, sea and avoiding sunburn.


Rookie Creative: What inspired you to start your line?


Sophia Rogge: To be fully in charge of my own destiny and hopefully end up one day living on a beach by a healthy happy sea.


Rookie Creative: A number of your designs are inspired by the sea, what is it about coral in particular that attracts you?


Sophia: As an artist who loves colour, the constant colour inspiration of coral is undisputable.


Rookie Creative: What inspired you to get involved with Corals for Conservation?


Sophia: Whilst working in San Francisco on an underwater art exhibition I came across a few coral saving initiatives but Corals For Conservation was the most dynamic and yet the smallest. I was instantly drawn to them.


Rookie Creative: How can people get involved with saving our oceans?


Sophia: Don’t use plastic bags, recycle and cut down on eating ‘common’ fish. They ain’t so common anymore.


Rookie Creative: What is your must have piece from your latest collection?


Sophia: The Mini Kaleida sarong, its looks so cool with a loosely fitted white T-shirt and a pair of flat espadrilles.


Rookie Creative: Who would you most like to see wearing one of your designs?


Sophia: Kate Bosworth. I know that she is passionate about ocean conservation and she is the original Californian girl who I designed the sarong collection for.


Rookie Creative: Where is your favourite beach in the world?


Sophia: I had an unforgettable trip to the beaches at Point Reyes which is in northern California, it is so dramatic up there.

And I love east coast Scotland – I remember having jellyfish thrown at me on a beach in Fife when I was about 9 years old. I have since thrown Moon Jellyfish at other people and it’s really quite satisfying. The sting is innocuous.


Rookie Creative: What is your fondest beach memory?


Sophia: Sharing a Singha beer at sunset on one of Koh Samui’s very secluded west coast beaches looking over Nam Sai Bay with some of my oldest friends. I realised how very lucky I was to surrounded by such great and good individuals.


Rookie Creative: What are your beach essentials?


Sophia: A couple of sarongs and some serious sun cream.


Rookie Creative: What is the equivalent of Speedo’s as a beach fashion faux-pas for women?


Sophia: Being burnt.


Rookie Creative: What are your views on people peeing in the sea?


Sophia: Don’t do it near me please


Rookie Creative: What do Sophia Rogge fans do in the winter?


Sophia: Head for the winter sun, or buy one of my new Sunshine Scarves which will keep them warm all year round.


Rookie Creative: As a London based girl, where is the current place you cannot resist in the city?


Sophia: The Southbank, I love everything that goes on there – inside and out.


Rookie Creative: What is on your I-pod at the moment?


Sophia: The Rizzlekicks, Joan Armatrading, Mariam and Amadou, I Blame Coco and Au Revoir Simone.


Rookie Creative: What are your aspirations for the label in 2012?


Sophia: I hope that the new Sunshine Scarves will be well received. I’m helping out at workshops at some schools in the UK and I’m hoping that they will ignite the children’s imaginations to the kaleidoscopic world that needs protecting under the ocean.


Rookie Creative: What advice do you have for rookies trying to establish themselves in the creative industry?


Sophia: Seek advice but don’t listen to all of it!


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