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Restaurant review: Kerbisher and Malt

Mar 26th, 2012



There have been many quests to find the best fish and chips in town. Let’s be honest you can’t really beat battered cod with chunky chips covered in vinegar and ketchup wrapped in newspaper sitting on Brighton Pier. However when you live in London it’s not quite that easy but I have discovered the next best thing.


Kerbisher and Malt is the first chippy I have found in London where the fish is so fresh and the chips so greasy you can positively smell the sea air.


With a good selection of fish including haddock, cod, plaice, coley and pollock ranging from £5.80 to £6.90 ( please go for the pollock over the cod, let us all be fighters in the big fish fight!) there is something for everyone’s fishbuds. You can choose how you have it cooked, be it battered, breaded or healthily grilled.


Obviously chips is a no brainer but may I also suggest a of a giant 40p pickle accompaniment? For those of you in need of a hangover cure the fish finger butty at £3.50 is the way to go. If you’re wanting something a little more exotic there is calamari at £4.00 or whitebait at £3.50.


It is also a fantastic first date venue. With it’s unassuming yet charming air, you can afford to splash out on a nice bottle of wine as the prices for food are extremely reasonable. I can’t get enough of this gem, always my first port of call on a Sunday evening when I can’t be bothered to cook…


164 Shepherd’s Bush Road, London W6 7PB


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