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Review: “live” cinema – be an extra!

Apr 25th, 2012



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We got off the DLR at Limehouse and stepped right into 1920s New York. Armed with my book and a massive sunflower, we headed to the Troxy theatre down the road.


“Hey Johnny, when d’you get so tall?”


My boyfriend and I turned around to see a stranger dressed in a gangster pin stripe suit looking us up and down, holding his hands out in an Italian gesticulation. We looked at each other and realised we needed to play along, we were part of the scene; we hadn’t reached the theatre yet but the fun had already begun.


“It’s me Bugsy! You don’t remember me Johnny?”


And so began our live cinema experience. We moved on to the next scene being lured into a barbershop, soon leaving with a moustache and an aptly placed beauty spot adorning our faces.


We finally made our way to the Troxy theatre and walked straight into ‘Slugger’s Gym’ … So you wanna be a boxer?


After the boxing we walked through to ‘Fat Sam’s which was full of beautifully dressed Tallulahs and Blowsey Browns… Prohibition cocktails aplenty and spaghetti with meatballs being served.


When the film finally began, I felt I was in it, hanging with Fat Sam and the gang, I was swanning around in my fur coat like Tallulah was my best friend and Bugsey that cheeky chappy an old flame of mine.


Very rarely have I had quite such spectacular night in London. I was dressed in vintage, I was drinking cocktails and I was singing along to Bugsey Malone: classic. (The cocktails were quite average however and I recommend you opt for prosecco.)


I recommend going with a group as it’s always more fun to interact with people you know rather than total strangers in the group scenes.


Tickets are £25 each, although students get discounts.




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