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This week in music

Apr 15th, 2012




Artist of the Week


Cinnamon Girl


Danish pop music is amazing, Oh Land, Fallulah and Alphabeat all continuously clog up all my playlists with their dance around your bedroom electro brilliance. One of their latest exports is Cinnamon Girl whose debut song FRIENDS has aggressive waves of rebellion synths with a screaming racket of a chorus, perfect for a twisted disco.



Band of the Week


TV Girl


TV Girl have been floating around for a while. They use lots of samples, mellow hooks and a have a gentle slacker rhythm and all their songs give you a hazy feeling of nostalgia. Its as though you just switched over the radio onto a Dad-rock station and between Neil Young and Hotel California you hear TV Girl. Their debut album will be coming out in a couple of weeks and they dropped their latest track I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now earlier this week.



Song of the Week 


Rebecca Ferguson – Glitter & Gold (Cahill Remix)


I was never a massive fan of Rebecca Ferguson on X Factor until she did Sweet Dreams in the 2010 final. The dark, smoky omnipotence of her voice backed by sexy electro-house is what I wanted from her solo career, I wanted her to be like Azari & III covered by Amy Winehouse. Glitter and Gold was originally a slow-moving sort of ballad but this Cahill remix makes me wish Rebecca’s entire debut album could be remixed to reach this level of icy house perfection.



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