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May 6th, 2012




Track of the Week: Little Boots – Every Night I Say A Prayer


Little Boots is living the perfect pop life. Starting off in Dead Disco she then released her giddy debut Hands and now for the follow-up is playing around with an extremely brilliant house-influenced sound. Every Night I Say A Prayer is her first single from her second album and even though it maintains the aloof angularity of last year’s monochrome Shake it indulges in a sugar-rush chorus.




Artist of the Week – Foxes


Dressed up in a silver dress, lots of eyeliner and a drum machine is Foxes, the alias of Louisa Rose Allen. Her fantasic track Home is beautifully yearning but backed with some electro wizardry. In the same way in which Ellie Goulding manages to disassociate herself from what she’s backed by, Foxes’ girlishly lusty voice seems to glide away from the beat so everything remains cosmically wide-eyed rather than descending into a dark disco.




Band of the Week – 2:54


I wish I could wear a leather jacket, moody expression and act with a perpetual sense of doom, but unfortunately my penchant for glitter-knit jumpers and disco-pop prohibits me from playing out this particular fantasy. 2:54 completely own that unobtainable attitude. They’re all glares, heavy fringes and sinister, hanging riffs. Scarlet is a particularly addictive track of theirs, with all the claustrophobic creeping unease of Garbage and a twisting anger that makes everything seem rainy and hopeless.




This week in music
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This week in music