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Restaurant Review: Honey & Co.

Jul 24th, 2013



Tucked away on Warren Street is Honey & Co, a small restaurant that serves the best Middle Eastern food I’ve ever eaten, hands down.


The evening started with the usual chitchat that quickly died down as the mezze feast was laid along the table; pickled carrot, hummus, grilled halloumi and falafel. The conversation didn’t resume until we’d devoured the entire banquet, descending on  it like a pack of hungry wolves. Each little bowl was a delicacy, mixing the salty halloumi with the sweet and juicy, lightly roasted tomatoes.


This husband and wife restaurant owning duo have got it so right. I don’t know if it’s because she has trained under Ottolenghi or because he was born in a kitchen in Jerusalem and started cooking before he could even walk, but they have managed to create an intimate dining experience in their restaurant that makes you feel as if you’re in their home, enjoying a family dinner, with each creation lovingly made by mum.


As we licked our lips waiting for the grilled octopus, lamb dumplings and pomegranate molasses, chicken skewers, we sipped on ‘Gran CerdoTempranillo, which roughly translates to ‘fat pig’, thus named after the bankers who refused to give the winemakers a loan as they saw it as a risky investment. The winemakers raised the money themselves and guess who are the ones laughing now. A beautiful story behind the wine that accompanies the delectable dishes that each reflect a culture with very good taste in food and sure know how to cook!


We rounded off the evening with an extremely moist pistachio cake and very strong Turkish coffee. Good bless Middle Eastern food.


25a Warren Street, W1T 5LZ.

We recommend you book a table!: 0207 388 6175
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