Nick Grimshaw Interviews Foals

Aug 28th, 2015



This morning, indie rock band Foals’ fourth album What Went Down hit store shelves and iTunes libraries. Tonight, Yannis and Jack talk music and life with Nick Grimshaw during the fifth episode of Relentless Ultra presents Soundchain.


Soundchain is renowned for featuring today’s big name acts, in-depth interviews and live music performances – expect to get treated to a range of Foals’ new track list; watch out for “Mountain At My Gates”.


Grimshaw delves into Yannis and Jack’s personal journey up until now. Were they always interested in becoming musicians, or was there a switching point? Who inspired them? What were the pitfalls and challenges of getting to where they are now?


The interview is interspersed with videos of both childhood inspirations (think along the lines of The Offspring and Greenday) and earlier Foals tracks, mapping out the journey to the creation of What Went Down.


Watch Relentless Ultra presents Soundchain: Foals tonight, 11pm MTV Music

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Foals – What Went Down is out now

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